Pitt Meadows

The Natural Place

Located east of Vancouver, nestled between the Fraser River, Pitt River, and the majestic Golden Ears Mountains, the small community of Pitt Meadows is home to a tightly knit community loving the spectacular views and endless recreational possibilities Pitt Meadows offers.

With just over 20,000 residents Pitt Meadows is an agricultural town and famous for its Cranberries and Blueberries. 86% of Pitt Meadows lies within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) providing protected farmland. Pitt Meadows also has designated environmentally sensitive areas including wildlife conservation areas making it a perfect place for any wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Cornered by the Fraser River on Pitt Meadows's South and Pitt River on the town's north as well as two arms of Allouette River running through Pitt Meadows, a protective 64 kilometres dike system offers residents and visitors from all over the world a multi-use trail system alongside river, farmlands and marshes with breathtaking views of the Thompson Mountain Range standing proud along the town's North-East. To the North tucked away in between the majestic mountains lies Pitt Lake, the world's largest freshwater tidal lake and a popular hotspot for boaters from across the lower mainland during the summer months.

Whether you are looking for an abundance of leisure activities, superb education for your children, a place to raise your family, or just a small town close to the bustling Vancouver core, Pitt Meadows won't disappoint you.